Monday, January 25, 2010

that moroccan pouf.

was not so moroccan anymore. my mom wanted to throw away this pouf we had since forever, and i came to its rescue. silly me didn't take any before picture. but the ottoman looked exactly like this - uhm, minus the mint condition. it was well damaged, the leather cover was torn to pieces.but now, tadaaa!

it still has that moroccan feel - in a lot more modern way. for me, it's a perfectly renewed love.


  1. likey! you make me wanna steal my mothers stuff. thanks for reminding me that she too has those poufs which could surely need my rescue too! *wink*

  2. keren collection of dreamesh?? (a girl can dream ite?)

  3. iyaaaa nelll, emang lagi proyek bikin yang kayak giniii.. ah you're such a mind reader :) sel, tar beli sama aku aja hahahaha..

  4. tell me, do you secretly have a magic wand? I heart this:))



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