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Friday, January 15, 2010

new old buffet

i know, i know, it's been too long since i last posted a before-after furniture project. but today, am back with this new old buffet i inherited from my dear mother.

i just added the dark blue paint and those knobs that look exactly like the ones they have in anthropologie, only mine were bought on our honeymoon trip to india for almost nothing. now, why did i just buy two instead of ten? that question will always be a mystery to me.


  1. wow Amesh, good job, it looks brand new. How did you pre-treat it before painting? also, will it work with white paint. i have a black bookshelf and would love to turn it into white bookshelf. good job

  2. good question, mesh :)

    and i like the new color of the buffet. ^_^

  3. lotsa lotsa sandwash and three coats of paint (well of course i had some help tee hee). yes, i think it should work for white too, but it might get a little tricky as you're painting lighter - the original black color with white. that's why am choosing a rather darker color than my original buffet's.

  4. me really really liking the knobs, meshy... can i have the whole buffet? hi hi

  5. love the knobs!!!!!



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