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Saturday, December 5, 2009

saturday music video.

i don't usually post videos on my blog. but this one is an exceptional. i first saw this video clip on leija's blog but didn't pay attention (since loading a video takes so much time). Couple of days ago, my friend slash my book illustrator ykha amelz put it up on her facebook. it turned out that her boyfriend, joey christian, directed the shoot.

Dewi Sandra - Aku baik-baik saja from joey christian on Vimeo. am not really a fan of dewi sandra, but i gave her and joey two thumbs up for the fun video! it really makes me want to spend more time in ancol. dear husband, you did promise me sea world and segarra, didn't you? i don't forget, you know.


  1. videonya bagus ya. Ancol yang aslinya tidak terlihat bagus, terlihat bak di Malibu saja :D

  2. yoiiiii.. mangkanya gue jadi pingin banget ng-ancol :)



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