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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

launching of dreamesh living.

oh, am so excited to start today's post. too excited, i don't know where to begin. uhm, ihikihikihik. excuse me (getting myself together). yes uhm, i decided to launch my new shop, dreamesh living, today (fingers crossed). because three years ago, december 9th was our engagement day. so this is how i want to remember and celebrate the date :) my first bazaar will be held at kemang madness sale next week on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin), along with eclectica and kinanti. i will be selling cushion covers, frames, and wall accessories (products images and a proper online store are coming soon, promise). so please do stay tuned and wish me luck!


  1. so excited tooo (^_^) hurray for dreamesh! hurray for hope and dream :-)

  2. gudlaaaaaakkk.. i'm excited for you! :*

  3. mbak, sumprit aku ikutan excited haha! I adore your taste, jadi seneng deh ada wadah utk beli barang-barangmu. pengen cepet-cepet borong, tapi tunda dulu deh.

    kalo udh nikah ntar, aku mau decorate tempat tinggal baru, pastinya pengen ada a touch of your stuff hehe. kalo beli sekarang ntar malah pada ilang hihi...

  4. congrats for dreamesh living! it's gonna be a hit! one dream down, more to come. rite?! :)

  5. thanks a lot nelceu, kiwul, leija, and selaaa.. love u!



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