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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

again, featured.

oh, i feel so honored. especially after what happened. i found out that someone (no, i won't name names here) copied my dindie wall clock. not that it's my first time, but usually it's not this obvious. the truth is i have a mixed feeling, i also feel proud that i could inspire but still a bit let-down.

sigh. anyway, my frame made it to CosmoGIRL! April 2011.
my sofa made it to Parents Guide April 2011.
my brand made it to Aquila Asia March-April 2011.

my creation for camper made it to Cosmopolitan Indonesia online and Fimela.
our backyard made it to Tabloid Rumah #211.
and our home sweet home made it to Warna Impian. so i guess some people still appreciate originality :) one more thing, please check out my shop - i have some new collections going on!


  1. Congrats yaa, mb Amesh :)
    Kalo aku jadi mb Amesh juga pasti aku merasakan hal yg sama, ya sedih krn ditiru tapi ditiru kan berarti karya kita memang diakui ok, hehehe...
    Semangat trus :)

  2. waah.. kerenn... gimana sih mbak caranya biar bisa masuk majalah?

  3. wow! congrats ya mesh! :)
    i like the new collections, the mini blackboard especially. will order soon.. :D

  4. Amesh, I know EXACTLY how you feel, it happened to me too but just remember, what comes around goes around, just do good things and stay positive girl...don't let this feeling freeze your creativity:)



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