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Friday, November 27, 2009

a way to celebrate.

am feeling quite festive today. maybe it's the eid or maybe it's the husband's plan of romantic dinner for the two of us (yuara will be babysat for the very first time!). whatever it was, today was definitely time to make that pom pom wreath i've been seeing in my dreams (yes, i am that pathetic :P). but first, i had to learn to make some easy pom pom since am such a lazy crafter. and i found this simple tutorial from domestifluff, along with the pom pom flower's picture below. adorable, will also make one next time!anyway back to the main project, i gathered all the materials needed at toko maju in mayestik market then followed this easy pom pom wreath tutorial from bluebirdvintage, and tadaaa!
here, i used different sizes of pom pom to give the wreath more texture and tied a pretty lace ribbon so i can hang it from my ceiling instead of the wall. oh, am reaaaaaally happy with the result!


  1. waaah wreath-nya udh jadi meshe, pretty !

  2. awww!!!
    it's beautiful! great job.


  3. thanks nume and thank u, miss james! you have the cutest idea!!



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