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Friday, November 20, 2009

i am the mad hatter.

minus the hat. but with the same passion of tea cups and saucers. the more old looking, the better. well, even better if they're customized.

so am pretty ecstatic to find the works of etsy seller ninainvorm. the rose print on the saucer reminds me of my mother's collection when i was still a kid. so it's only natural to follow her footstep and start my own (hope it's not too late, though).

i found these at some local market called mayestik. they are oh-so-cheap (but oh-s0-gorgeous)! anyway, now all i have to do is take that ceramic painting lesson and draw some mini bunting banners...


  1. Hi Amesh, thanks for the post about the vintage saucers that you bought in Mayestik_ I really adore those saucers you had bought. May I know where in Mayestik they are selling this kind of vintage cup and saucers? Hopefully, I could fin something similar like this. :-)

  2. hi thantiii! they are adorable and cheap too - my favourite combination heheh.. i found them on some stall near the rear entrance of toko maju, you know that small store that sell laces, ribbons, buttons, etc. happy hunting dear!



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