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Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY felted silhouette.

i know am nowhere near a good blogger this month, i must admit i got a little too carried away with work and life lately. so am paying it back today, this easy (yet pretty) tutorial was made especially for you!

like always, the steps here quite explain themselves, don't you think? for the silhouette tute, please click here but at the end, trace your silhouette onto felt instead of paper. sew them on some other colored felts, then you can handstitch the silhouettes to vintage hankie or just use as coasters. the possibilities are really endless! and i do think they make a fine weekend project too - so have a crafty weekend, dear you :)


  1. ok juga idenya...menarik sekali..bisa jadi inspirasi nih....

  2. ooh, you are so into silhouette. nicely done:)

  3. i like your blog, mbak Amesh. and you have nice tutorial, just want to let you know that i put the link for this tutorial in Indonesia CraftyBlog. thank you



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