family day 2011.

ever since last year, we decided to celebrate december 22nd (aka mother's day in indonesia) as family day. i mean, the father and the son play a huge part in making me the mother, right? so they deserve to be celebrated too! the rule is pretty simple, we should buy (or make) surprise gifts that we want others to wear whether they like it or not. i decided to make mine, mainly because i hardly go anywhere during this pregnancy but also because i've been meaning to get my hands on this diy no sew bow ties project since forever. they're extremely cute yet super easy.
i think the step-by-step pictures quite explain themselves. i made three, just incase i want to wear one too. not necessarily as a tie, but it can also work on a hair piece! as an exchange, the husband gave me a foot spray for my swollen feet. i must say it is the best gift for a pregger like me :D


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