UN day.

before yuara started his holiday season (which was from earlier this week), he had one last themed day celebrated at school: the united nations day. for a whole week, his class was USA and on the last day, he was asked to dress as a cowboy. the parents were also asked to bring an american signature dish to school. but since i was still in the midst of my nausea, i just bought some washington apples, printed small american flags, and glued them onto a couple of toothpicks. i'd like to think that it's effortless but still very toughtful.
then, yuara came home with his very first passport and this picture of liberty statue. it's his debut of going around the world! i must say it's a smart activity, and you can do it at home with your kids too. since we're not going on a vacation trip, i've made some kids activities to keep my little champ busy, will be sharing them with you starting from next week :)


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