local products rule.

getting local products always makes my heart happy. uhm, especially when they're free - like these three.
my bestie bianca's famous choc chip cookies. yes, she's the one who made all yuara's pinatas. i still don't understand why she hasn't started her own blog yet. sigh.
fabric covered buttons by khama khama. they're so cute, i don't have the heart to use any of them.
toddler tee by babyfeits. yep, it has that hidden little mustache that yuara's crazy of. he doesn't stop flipping his tee to show off the mustache under his nose. i must say it's a pretty darn good idea! oh one more thing, you can also plant the label and it'll grow. wow.
i looove vintage canvas suitcase, don't you? this one here is by youthdew. it fits my laptop perfectly.
i also stopped by brightspot market, and brought home these - cotton ink top, skelly glasses for the husband, and bliss suede boys moccasins for the champ. don't they make you wanna shop shop shop this weekend?


  1. kumiiiish.. such a cutie (",) love babyfeits shirts, lucuk2 designnya & great idea on the green hangtags..

  2. Thank u Yuaraa, nice mustache you got there ^^ and thank u mommy Amesh for linking us :*

    @Queen of Jumba Jamba: thank uu,owl-nya lucu lucuu


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