bali recap.

i love bali. especially the view. can you see the boys' silhouette from where i laid? pretty nice i must say. yuara really enjoyed his time. the minute he was up, he went straight to the pool (he even dragged me when i wasn't following). and he surely adores the beach, he could sit still playing with sand and stare at the waves for more than fifteen minutes (world record!). mama's boy indeed.
too bad we didn't go to padang-padang beach, because dreamland is way too crowded than the last time i went there (2007), let alone the first time (1998 was it?). yeah, we should've come to petitenget instead, i like it there. anyway since the trip involves one little guy, we visited bali zoo and bali bird park as well. he was so curious, he chased around a duck! as for the husband, he got what he wished for - culinary treats. we ate at ultimo, ku de ta, warung made, and la luciola (some time with the kid asleep on my lap). and of course we shopped! i went to my favorite stores: biasa, cat sweet, and jenggala. then found a new one, pusaka. we also took dozens of great pictures with my fuji instax. oh wow, i missed bali already :(


  1. Waa, lagi liburan yaa...jadi inget, aku tinggal di Jimbaran, Bali selama sekitar 4 tahunan sebelum pindah ke Bandar Lampung. Senang, tiap kali suami off, banyak tempat yang bisa dikunjungi. Ga senangnya, kita juga susah pulang kampung, karena biasanya keluarga di kampung yang pengin liburan ke Bali, kita seringnya jadi host aja, hehehe...

  2. Bu Lia pernah tinggal di Jimbaran? wow!

  3. emaaang .... pasti segera kangen sama Bali lagi ... padahal baru aja mau take off balik ke Jakarta .. haha ...

    ah Amesh kamu membuat aku semakin rindu Bali ... (^-^)


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