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Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY puppet stage.

i know it's long overdue, oh please do forgive me. for yuara's birthday party last week, i made a cardboard puppet stage! sorry for the lack of tutorial steps, i assembled the stage at night a.k.a not enough light for good pictures. sigh, but i promise next time i will! anyway, i think the outcome looked so much better than the picture i have in my head. in fact, am really proud of the result :D
since most of the invitees were the neighbour kids who are a lot bigger than yuara, i decided to provide extra entertainment: a puppet show. now, we already have the alligator puppet and ordered a pirate one from ideku handmade. but we couldn't make a show without the stage, don't you think? so i googled hard but still didn't find what i was looking for (super easy DIY that is). at the end, i just went with my guts and prayed for the best.
the husband volunteered to be the puppet master and he interacted very well with the audience. he made cute quizzes that involved reading yuara's little maps and pointing out their parrot finger puppets that had been given upon arrival. the prizes were these make-your-own-puzzles and handmade ship plushies by me. and when the show ended, the audience took turn to be the puppet master. i thought that was a really good idea!
eventhough the show was way over, i still kept the stage for rainy days. i filled the inner space with colorful plastic balls for the little champ to play. i imagine him using it as a fort for years to come!


  1. cute! you're re-igniting my love for piracy!

  2. I HEART the sailboat plushie!!! where did you find such fabric! On second thought, Yuara is always "cemberut" I should have made his doll look like this :( , or shouldn't I? oh, he's adorable nonetheless...

  3. Really love this as well! The little sailboat is divine!



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