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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

no-sew fabric envelope.

i love receiving order that triggers my creativity, just like these frames for diba's birthday. i was only told to pack them pretty, so instead of getting those plastic goody bags ready made at the supermarket, i tried wrapping with my fabric leftovers.
all you need is 30 x 30 cm fabric scraps (but you can use vintage handkerchiefs too!). fold your fabric to meet in the middle, then secure with tiny safety pin. a cute way to save the earth :)


  1. hi amesh salam kenal :). your blog is one of my fav and this post is so seducing.. i cant wait to wrap my anything with my left over fabric. thanks alot!! :D

  2. nice, lebih bagus lagi kalo saputangannya lebih besar, jadi bisa diikat dan dibuat jadi bunga. :D
    Bisa juga penitinya diganti jadi bros atau korsase. Pasti perfect buat hadiah :D

    Salam kenal, blognya menginspirasi :)



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