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Sunday, October 10, 2010

bazaar frenzy.

oh yes, am having two bazaars in a row: pasar seni itb today and awa bazaar at gran melia tomorrow. so it pretty much explains why i won't be there today at pasar seni (boo!), well that and mainly because both of our mothers aren't available this weekend to babysit yuara. sigh, i wanted so much to go to pasar seni. having lived in bandung for all those years, i hardly ever missed the event! but things are different now, it's okay amesh... *sorry that was only me consoling myself. anyway unlike me, YOU shouldn't miss this event though. dreamesh living, along with calyx handmade and ideku handmade will be there today at stand #48a (thank you so so much puri, bu lia, and bu pia). okay no more blahs, i'll leave you with my last pictures in pasar seni itb 2006 and things that will be available at my two bazaars :)
come and meet me tomorrow at gran melia though, i will surely be there. cheerio!


  1. I visited your booth yesterday at Pasar Seni ITB. Kok yang ada hanya frame-frame saja? Anyway, unlike in 2006, Pasar Seni ITB 10.10.10 / Bandung was really CHAOS hahahaa...I am so tired to the max now :). it was like sea of humans there :((

  2. mbak....believe me, you didn't miss much, pasar seni penuh sesak panas terik jalan aja susah -_-" keren-keren sih tapi pusing banget sampe gak bisa liat apa-apa wekwewww :p Ke booth nya Puri aja aku baru bisa mampir sore2 pas mau tutup gitu hahahah :))

  3. poufnya lucu bgt, mau lagi amesh :)

  4. waaaaa.. kerennn!!
    aku dtg pasar seni 101010 kmrn.. :D
    tp ga nemu booth dreamesh..

  5. T'was my pleasure mbak, looking forward to work together again in next bazaars :)
    Btw to mbak Tiessa, there were Dreamesh' poufs and pillows in our booth, but maybe because it was too crowded with people inside, you didn't see them, sorry for that.



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