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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the long lust list.

i heart fabric necklaces. big big time. i should've posted about them before my birthday, so you know what to get me *wink.
handwoven cotton and brass necklace, for me, for you by kate miss.
rosebuds necklace, eclectica by tara amelz.
african necklace, wonder wonder.
clown necklace, kami idea.
braided necklace, thief and bandit. i bought two already, hee hee. so, which one do you like?


  1. i like the kami idea and the hand woven, since i'm not into that statement necklace, but the african attracted my eyes so much :P

  2. waahh ini mah semuanya lucu :)
    *mupeng hehhe

  3. agak bingung sama wujud kalung di gambar nomer 2. kalo aku sih paling gemes sama kalung Afrika warna merah :">

  4. i should think of something and try making one. see if anything turns out at all. these necklaces are great inspiration. :)

  5. the african necklace is very tempting!

  6. Huwoooowww...loooovvvveeee all those necklace!!!!! esp # 2,4 and 5!
    seandainya nggak inget buat fokes dulu & punya tangan 10 aku mau bikiiinnnn! <---tipikal buanyak mau susah fokes :D



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