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Saturday, May 8, 2010

filled with sweetness.

that's how i want my last weekend of being 20 something to be. i have craved for good cookies ever since i ate a gooey one at the previous brightspot market. they tasted just like mrs fields's. hmmm, i wonder how these treats are like.
love letter cookies by eleni's, found via bleubird vintage.
wallpaper cookies by miette, found via design*sponge. thank god i already bought sweet cakes from ranch market's bakery shop last night. time to munch!


  1. huaaahh, mau makannya aja engga tega aq mba,, heheh :)

  2. I really love the wallpaper cookies...I want a jar of them...:)

  3. they're so sweet!!! XD
    beneran ga tega makannya..dipajang terus aja, hehehe.. :)

  4. We went to Miette in SF just now. Really beautiful delights.



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