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Sunday, May 30, 2010

not enough fabric in the world.

well, mine at least. everytime i see interesting printed fabrics, i never think twice. i snatch, fast and big. which is why i bought 10 meters of this beautiful floral fabric the minute i laid my eyes on it. it reminded me so much of the fabric alike that i bought online in US and had it sent to my sister in law's new apartment. unfortunately, it got lost along the way (thank god it was only a meter sample!).
floral fabric like this is popping out everywhere in the blogland, especially on little green notebook. so you see now how ecstatic i was to have found it. am planning to hang it over our bed.
like lauren liess did for her son's crib, via design*sponge.

and the way kate dixon did for this kids circus room, via poppytalk. or maybe, make a vintage folded screen out of it? we shall see. in the meantime, i also bought a meter of these velvets.

yep, i have another dreamesh living project in mind!


  1. Oh I love those two at the last picture!
    Where did you get them?
    Are they vintage or new?
    Tell me, tell me, tell me:)

  2. Lovely fabrics, SOS dreamesh,do you hav any recommendation for gorgeus fabric store in Jakarta? :p if you have any information,please let me know asap hihi thanks a bunch,girl :D

  3. OMG!
    I love what lauren liess did for her son's crib!
    menginspirasi sekaliii... :) :)
    thx for sharing these pics to us..

    salam kenal dari surabaya (^_^)




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