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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

let's not get tired of playing.

yuara is 19 months old now. and as every other parent would feel, i sometimes fear that he doesn't play enough. i usually let him out in our frontyard chasing for cats, run around the house, swim at the clubhouse swimming pool, or simply sit on his red plastic chair to build blocks, color his favorite activity book, watch OSO on playhouse disney, and listen to me reading him a story. and on weekends, we always take him to some playground so he can socialize with others.
yet am still afraid that somehow it's still lacking. so i pledge to myself that from now on, am taking him to the playground (in this case, it's main main at bintaro sec 2) twice a week (once on weekdays), or maybe three times - whichever he likes - until he's ready for preschool. i really enjoyed our ride yesterday, me on the steering wheel and yuara on his baby car seat in the back. love you kid, i hope we're making a pair of good parents for you.


  1. i miss you baby Y :* smooch smooch...aku jadi nginep yah hari kamis! boleh bawa perkakas kalung ngga? :P

  2. BOLEHHHH! bawa baju renang biar renang sama yuaraaaa, cihuyyy..

  3. huhuhu...pengen cepet nyusul jadi mommy....:***)

  4. aku jugaaaa pengen nyusul..dong dong dong

  5. menyenangkan ya aktivitas baby..



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