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Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY dishtowel apron.

for a pizza party themed playdate we had last weekend, i made the kids these dish towel aprons. i swear they are super easy and cheap. i bought the dish towel at a grocery store nearby, cut its upper corner, added bias tape for the neck - one big button on the waist area - and not to forget, the kid's initial from felt. and just like that, it's done.
but if you want your dish towel apron to be more adjustable, feel free to go with bias tape for the waist. am not sure if the kids loved their aprons, but they didn't take them off for quite some time. surely that meant something, no?


  1. hehe lucu ya. habis baca paragraf akhir trus liat ekspresi mukanya yuara :p

  2. hehehehehe kalau aku dibuatin sama ibu pasti suka suka aja,,
    waahh ternyata ini dari handuk yaa??
    kereen mbak amesh :))
    hihihi bener tuh teteh2 printiland.. yuaranya lucuu ekspresnya :))



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