Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my sewing nook.

is finally done! now i can sew away happily. i found the vintage desk at kemang timur for a cheap price and i thought it had so much potential.
the little suitcase above is from bagus bagus, bought at toko gunung agung senayan city, and the blackboard is of course from my shop. the jars lining up were borrowed for a martha stewart magz photo shoot which i can't wait to share to all of you. hope you have a beautiful day :)


  1. You still manage to get this done? LOL Ga mudik mba? btw, loookkiiing goood! been lusting over a craft corner/desk/(more wishful thinking)room for a while.

  2. hai mba amesh, salam kenal ya.. ini aku ada award buat mbak, diambil ya..


    thx :)



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