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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

gocco printed pouch.

heya everyone, i know it's been so long since i last posted anything. but am back today with one exciting tuto! well at least, for me. i was smitten with gocco printing technique ever since i first laid my eyes on lia's gocco cards. so i learnt it online and begged the husband to get me the gocco machine (they are usually sold on ebay or etsy). long story short, i tried mine for making one of the anniversary picnic props. and it was unexpectedly easy!
1. make your own design. i printed mine because gocco master needs the carbon on its original design. but you can also use a photocopier or even pencil! cut your design to fit the final print size and insert the gocco master into place.
2. prepare the lamp and its two bulbs. the bulbs can only be used once, so don't forget to discard them after you press the gocco machine and it flashes. wash your hands afterwards.
3. lift the gocco machine and set aside your design. the gocco master is ready!
4. lift the transparent film to apply ink. if you want to use more than one color like i did, stick the thin sponge to separate the colors.
5. squeeze out your ink tube onto the design. next, cover it with transparent film.
6. place your inked master in the gocco machine. place the card, or in my case the pouch fabric, that you're printing on.
7. close the gocco machine and press down gently until you hear a click. tadaaa!
8. handstitch a heart on a number that means something to you. i chose 4 because it was our 4th anniversary, yeay!
9. stitch your fabric into a pouch. find the how-tos online, it really is easy! 11. fill in the love and some goodies. the finished products are available here. hope you had fun, see you around folks!


  1. waahh iya mesin ini ajaib, dulu jg pengen punya tp kl beli online agak takut :p

  2. You had a gocco T_T sniff sniff..

    iya ga ngerti kenapa berenti produksi ya produk selucu ini.. skrg cuma bisa ngincar seken yang harganya selangit dan kualitasnya blum tentu hiks hiks..



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