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Friday, July 8, 2011

anniversary picnic.

so yesterday was our 4th anniversary. i was going to blog last night, but fell asleep out of the euphoria. i prepared everything days before, so when it was finally over all i wanted to do was sleep :D anyways, i wanted to do something special this year so instead of giving a gift, am throwing a full event for the husband. i was very much inspired by birthday party in a box you are my fave, found via oh happy day.
what i put in:
- patchwork picnic blanket.
- puchi puchi babie deer doll.
- my writer's block, buy it here.
- vintage saucers and teacups.
- tin plates.
- cake stand.
- cupcake toppers.
- i love you candles.
- stamped fabric, inspired by this.
- plastic spoons and forks.
- vintage placemats, bought from vantiani.
- gocco printed pouch.
i asked the husband to open up his present in our backyard so the two of us can have our picnic there. just look at that clueless face! minutes later, tadaaa...
did you see the origami tulips? my dear man did those. i asked for something handmade so that's what he came up with. he even taught me the how-to steps, oh am so proud of him! for the menu, i ordered some cupcakes from minilovebites - the berry strawberry ones are awesomely good! but i also made something myself, that apple pie in a jar and the husband loved it. since some goodies are handmade and homemade by yours truly, i will be making separate posts about them later on. meanwhile, am just going to savour the leftovers. life is gooooood!


  1. happy anniversary, you two! semoga selalu bahagia bersama :) amin.

  2. so cute n so sweet! happy anni, the two of you. :)

  3. life's good indeed :)
    happy 4th anniversary!

  4. romantis benerrr (^_^)selamat ya you two lovebirds!*kyknya enak cupcakenya,nyengirnya lebar bener hehe*

  5. What a great wife you are! I love how it turned out.

  6. happy anniversary! smoooooooocccchhhh :*

  7. Amesh, Happy Anniversary!! so cutee both of you! and I want the baby deer doll:) buat sendiri??



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