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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

show some love.

pretty please? do vote for my table decor at breadtalk indonesia's facebook page by simply clicking like on their page, go to my table's picture then click another like. i swear it's that simple!

[pictures were taken from breadtalk's facebook page]

secondly, please visit us at inacraft 2011 - under the name sewing sisters along with sewmanics, kinanti, and berries at booth #241 Hall B JCC April 20-24. am giddy with excitement, our first time ever!
yep, the booth is all set up waiting for you to stop by. so, see you soon ;)


  1. Done!
    Good luck at inacraft, will try to come n visit ^^

  2. Aku td jam 12.30an kesana! Ke booth-nya mbak dreamesh dkk ;)


  3. laris manis yah buu, sama seperti yang jagain:) keren bangett!

  4. iri deh mba bisa buka stand di INACRAFT. Pengen tahun depan ikuta juga mamerin kreasi wedding card handmade ku...

    keren2 mba.. kayaknya aku liat deh kemaren..
    liat2 koleski kartu undangan handmadeku disini yah... heheh...

    makasi :)



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