breadtalk table decor.

me and some friends were invited to breadtalk's 8th birthday party to decorate these tables.

can you guess which one is mine?

this one belongs to martha stewart living indonesia's team. that's my new friend rindra, he designs his own batik shirt.

fellow blogger, the beautiful junita najoan from kinderplays made this. check her blog here.

a masterpiece by bravacasa's team. indra febriansyah (pictured here) is my ex workmate, we were both announcers at Hard Rock FM bandung back in the days. i must say this one is my favorite - i love the rustic look and above all, j'adore the swimming goldfishes inside that tall vase.

so by now, you must've already guessed. this one is mine, and i think it suits my style very well. am always vintage at heart, hence i came up with the concept of celebrating 8th birthday party at granny's living room. i like how it felt personal. i brought that huge frame that acted as imaginary mirror. i tried placing everything symmetrically (yea, that's the perfectionist in me talking) and i put lotsa lotsa details. i remembered thinking, is it too much? but instantly decided, i love it that way. anyway, which one is your favorite? you can vote for any of us (please be me :P) at breadtalk indonesia's facebook page. happy voting and have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. semoga kamu menang ya mesh... apalagi ada tempat kueku di sana hahahaha. i'll vote for you for sure! ;)

  2. thanks Amel, sukses di Inacraft yah!

  3. oh so envy akuuuuuuu! *celingukan*


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