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Monday, March 7, 2011

monkeying around.

that's what we did last weekend! i experimented with the pancake batter, adding sliced bananas and dash of cinnamon before pouring it onto the pan. i also added lots of icing sugar to his liking and scoop of oma anna's strawberry jam to mine. we had a cute view, yuara in his aqua pjs :)

and i had time to play with my new toy: the corner cutter, recently bought at toko gunung agung. i was going to order a similar one on etsy the other day! oh, thank god i waited.

speaking of toy, what's monkeying around without a real sock monkey? i've been meaning to make it myself, but what can i say am such a lazy crafter so i opted to buy this from cemprut instead. i think hers are even better than mine will ever be, especially with that flower brooch from sibebo, see?

am really looking forward to another great weekend in errr, five days?


  1. hihi... monyet machonya jadi cantik :)

  2. itu alat paling berguna!!!! gua cinta corner cutter gua juga! di kino dulu ada...skg ga ada :(...GA dimana mesh? mau lagi ah

  3. dulu dapet di kinokuniya, treasury jadinya. karena dipake buat semua notebookku dan sekarang butuh corner cutter lagi sebelum pesen di etsy. pertanyaannya sama: amesh nemu di Gunung Agung yang di mana? terima kasih banyak sudah berbagi info :)



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