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Friday, March 25, 2011

i heart creative orders.

i so love orders that intrigue me. i simply adore a client who says, "just do your thing."
custom tablecloth and runner ordered by our lovely neighbour lila.
catur wedha's frame ordered by phyrlin, just like the one i made for becky and ivan.
mini blackboard for nevan's goody bags ordered by dita. they truly make my day!


  1. i heart the mini chalk doodle board. i'm shelving this in my wishlist for any future party of Kaeden's!

  2. Loves the catur wedha's frame, loves the colour <3

  3. hi Amesh.. i just followed ur terrific blog.. and i really want to order too. Actually, i really like Batik, so i do adore your tablecloth. So, how exactly the "procedure" to order these things? many thx b4

  4. Hi Amesh, may I know the size for the mini chalk board? and the price? I'm looking for a unique goody bag's filler for my boy's b'day coming in May. I can be contacted via forward for your reply :)))

  5. Hi Mba Amesh

    Is there a tutorial for making this wooden frame ?


  6. Hi dewie, you can find the tutorial here many thanks :)



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