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Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's always a lovely surprise.

to be featured on some glossy magazines. oh, the sensation!bravacasa indonesia, february - april 2011 (i know, it's a spread!!).

martha stewart living indonesia, february 2011.japan mileage, february 2011 i suppose? one of my client sent me this pic :)

and tabloid rumah, february 2011. i luuurve the last picture they took. our home looks reeeal cozy, eh? uhm, i was also mentioned on adalah kita and diana rikasari's blog (last year). never too late to thank them and you, no? so, thank you - big time :*


  1. uwoooowwwww kewreeennnn ah jadi ikutan bangga XD

  2. Wow, congrats for the publicity... Sampe ke Jepang segala mba Amesh... I'm happy for you... :)

  3. hebat! keren! cihuy! hebring!
    peluk-peluk mbak amesh!



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