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Friday, March 18, 2011

yuara's first art fair.

last weekend was yuara's first event at school. well, of course the parents were ecstatic! we finally got to see what he was doing for the last three months. after weeks of tears (him at school, and me at home - please forgive the drama as we were used to being together 24/7), yuara finally enjoys his time with all the new friends and teachers at school. now, he doesn't even look back when i drop him off and am all smiles.
since he loooves playdough so much, i chose clay pottery class over my own passion (yep, they were having batik class as well). yuara was only interested in making one single star, so his mother had to finish the whole bowl. but if i didn't tell you that, you can't really see that it was made by a 30-year-old now, can you? ha. ha. i know it's baaad :P


  1. yayyyy... wawa gettin' so smart!

  2. Ahhhh.. Yuara is so cute!! hihihi.. :)
    Btw dia sekolahnya dimana mba? bagus kegiatan2nya yah.. :)



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