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Thursday, July 8, 2010

love celebration (sewing lesson #4).

the husband took a day off yesterday. thank goodness i have already prepared a present - i sewed and handstitched this guitar strap for him! ever since i saw the tutorial on prudent baby and design*sponge, i vowed to myself that someday i will make one. and the day finally came!

i didn't expect him to come up with anything handmade since he's not crafty at all, but look at what he made for the anniversary gift: love coupons! uhm yes, i spent two already - what can i say, am sooo into the idea.

last but not least, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, cassis. just the two of us.

it was like date nights all over again. i wish we can celebrate our anniversary more often :)


  1. aw aw aww romantis veneerrr ako sampe malu bacanyaaaa :"> selamat yaaaaaaaaa

  2. the love coupons was inspiring! :D
    hepi hepi anniversary.. :)

    psst, i'm one of ur silent reader.. :p

  3. suiiit..suiit...congret ya mbak...
    romantis banget...aku juga punya 'ticket to hug' yg dipake bergantian, fungsinya dipake kalo lagi brantem,hehe...

    btw aku naksir kain motif kayu nya..waaa....ngileeerr...mauuuu....


  4. wow, congratulations! happy reading the story and envy as well ;) dating just the two of you, ohhh, mauuuu :))

  5. sweet
    Selama 4 tahun, ga pernah sekalipun dapat ucapan apalagi tuker2an kado di wedding anniversary, ngiri deh sama mbak Amesh XO
    Dulu waktu masih pacaran pernah buat love coupon kayak gitu, dibukanya 1 hari sekali,sampai 1 bulan baru habis. Jadi pengen bikin lagi nih :)

    Thanks ya Mbak Amesh, your post brightens my day



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