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Thursday, July 15, 2010

last brightspot market.

i had an encounter with fellow bloggers slash crafters: tara amelz of eclectica (not shown in the pic, she was having a date with my little bro so it hardly counts), puri of ideku handmade, and ayang cempaka of cocomomo bags. the meeting was brief since yuara got a bit cranky due to lack of entertainment (he wouldn't stand still not to mention look at the camera). there there calm down darling boy, mommy needed her entertainment too :P
i so wanted to meet ayang in person and hand her this pillow. it was the least i could do after what she did - you know, draw me that cute little profile pic on my personal card. now that we're even, i want more. maybe a little ticket to dubai next time?


  1. Huuuhuuu, pengin ikutan ketemuuu...

  2. i so wanted to be there! hopefully hopefully i can make it for the next one or the next next one, & perhaps meet you there too! i'm dreaming...

  3. mamanya still pose, yuara udah heboh bgt...hihihihihi....



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