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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

potty training.

so here we are, training the kid to pee and poop in the toilet. it's been more than a week and yuara has (well, not always) agreed to sit still on his toilet seat and done his bussiness. it took only 3 days for our little champ to act like a grown up. he took his time and read his story book in the bathroom!
anyway, i thought we've succeed. but only today he wet his pants three times, and it's not even nite yet. oh well, i guess this is a learning process for all of us (him with his bladder control and me with my expectation) ;)


  1. your son is so cuteeee to d max!

  2. keritingnyaaaa nggak nahaaaan! :D

  3. yuara gaya banget yaa, sambil baca buku, kaya org dewasa....hehehehe



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