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Monday, July 5, 2010

i've been very productive.

i made cushion patterns from the fabrics i bought a week ago.

found the tasik batiks in pasar mayestik and they cost so much more than the ones i usually order, but still managed to calm myself and snatched some (hee hee). i love the retro navy stripes with clouds and seagulls one, but i particularly adore the tree stumps print fabric - too cute!

so yes, i've been cutting, pinning, and matching my fabric collection all weekend. happy.


  1. Kain motif burung n serat kayunya beli dimana Amesh? Lutuuuuu ^^

  2. the seagull one is beautiful! :)

  3. aaaaahhh itu yang kayak lingkaran tahun pohon itu bagus bangettt ih kalo udah jadi bantal aku mau pesen yah mbak! :D



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