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Friday, July 9, 2010

fuchsia & turquoise.

i always love these two colors. i think they make a great pair (custom order for rizahati and ossie). see my other collection at jazzcraft vaganza, bale pare kota baru parahyangan from july 9th to 11th :)
on another matter, check out a post about indonesian batik over on design*sponge. my heart is filled with pride. what a perfect way to start the weekend!


  1. So, so cuuuteee...
    Suka kombinasi warnanya, mb :)

  2. Hi Amesh, ini Ifa.. gue adik iparnya Abram dan teman sekantornya Bianca :) kalau mau pesan bantal2nya bagaimana ? Thanks! - Ifa

  3. Hi ifaaaaa, email aja ke salam utk dita, mba feni dan aburamuuuuu :)



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