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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Welcome to the monster club! This monster themed halloween party last year I prepared for was so fun. I made monster decorations to hang up, monster piñatas, monster game props, and monster bowling cans.
Although the place was packed with monsters, they seemed less scary and more like cute! What do you think?
 monster decoration and game!
monster garlands!
monster games!

monster pinatas!

Here’s some of the pictures and a DIY tutorial of the bowling cans. All you need are empty cans, paint and a marker!

1.    Clean out 15 cans and peel off the paper around the can.
2.    Using white wall paint mixed with various poster paints you have around the house, paint your monster’s face, horns, eyes and mouth on the front and back of the can. Leave to dry.
3.    Once the paint has dried, dot the eyes and draw the mouth with a black marker.
4.    For the bowling ball (not shown in the picture, sorry!), paint your kids’ medium weight ball with white wall paint mixed with poster paint and draw the eyes and the mouth as well. Now, you’re ready to play monster bowling!


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