Hoot-hoot… Calling out to all owl lovers! Transform an ordinary brown paper bag into a cute owl treat bag. Be it a goodie bag or a lunch bag, it just cannot be any easier than this!
What you need:
-    One brown paper bag
-    Color paper
-    Round-shaped stickers
-    Scissors
-    Glue
-    Black marker

How to make:
1.    Make feathers for the bib using color paper cut into the shape of a blunt pencil and stick on the center part of the owl, starting from the bottom of the paper bag to the top.
2.    Make a half circle for the owl’s feet and stick them on the right and left bottom of the paper bag.
3.    Cut out a small triangle for the beak and glue in the center of the feathers.
4.    The eyes of the owl is made out of three parts: the black outer part, the yellow inner part, and the sticker part dotted with a black marker. Start creating the big owl’s outer eyes slightly bigger than the width of the paper bag. I cut around it creating fringe before sticking the inner yellow part on. Glue on top of each other and attach the white sticker then glue right on top of the beak.
5.    For the wings, trace your hand (or your childs' hand) – both right and left hand on color paper. Cut out and fold in half. Stick the wings in between the folded side parts of the paper bag.
6.    Lastly, fold the top of the paper bag diagonally from the right and left towards the center top shaping a triangle. Your paper bag should now shape like an arrow facing upwards. Now, fold the triangle over the eyes of the owl and seal.
This project is so kids friendly! In fact, I taught Yuara’s friends at his school to do this project for mother’s day. I could tell his friends were really excited and finished the project in only 1,5 hours. They did it, now it’s your turn!