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Thursday, March 19, 2015

SPONSORED POST: Good Sleep, Cheerful Baby

Last week, I was thrilled to be invited by Mommies Daily to attend the “Senyum Pagi Bayi No. 1 di Indonesia” gathering by Pampers Baby-Dry Pants as well to decorate their space. Besides having fun decorating, naturally, I also enjoyed listening to the explanation of the topic on how important it is that our kids get enough sleep.
Kids aged 1-3 years should get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, so this is something I am worried about for Kutri. She sleeps rather late though she still gets her day nap. I need to make sure that she gets the right amount of sleep, by staying comfortable all through the night – meaning tummy, temperature, and nappy satisfaction. For the latter matter, I get help from Pampers Baby-Dry Pants. The pants are some kind of magic! These thin pants have a leak protection, Extra-Dry Layers, which keep the diaper dry up to 12 hours, also a Super Gel innovation supporting a quicker absorbance in all areas of the diaper. Better yet, the back of the diaper is very breathable and fitted with baby lotion to prevent skin irritation. With that and a bottle of milk near by, what can be better than having your baby wake up with a dry bottom and a big smile?

Because we believe that a good sleep will bring cheerfulness, Pampers is creating a photo contest to capture those happy smiles after a good sleep. All you need to do is click a photo of your baby smiling after his or her sleep and send it over here. This campaign starts from March 15th until April 25th 2015. A collage of the winning pictures will be made into a “Senyum Pagi Bayi No 1 di Indonesia” billboard that will be showcased at Mal Taman Anggrek in May 2015. Why not give it a try! Don’t forget to tag #MommiesDaily and #PampersMorningSmile I will surely be taking K’s pictures in the morning from now on...



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