You know that phase when your baby is no longer a baby and it’s time to modify the nursery? Well, here are some tips and ideas I used when decorating my champ's room.

1.    Go wall neutral. When it comes to decorating a kids room according to gender, we intend to choose the color that matters the most then use it ferociously as in from the door to walls and accessories. A little girl’s room would most probably be a pallet of pink and purple and a boy’s room would be blue. My idea is to go neutral. Why? Because rather than painting the wall that certain color and regretting it later, why not use bold elements in the colors you desire instead. For example, I decorated Y’s room with element pops of the color green, like the cabinet, garland, and carpet. I think it showed that this is a boy’s room without being too obvious. Also, this trick really works when you get bored easily, then you can just adjust those elements with other colors that fit the mood of you (and your child) one day without having to make a major change in wall color.

2.    Decorate with wall hanging. Using wall ornaments in a kid’s room is a great (and cheap) way to add character. When choosing a theme, I’d say to keep it simple and make sure to not take up all the space on the wall, otherwise it would look too crowded. Also keep in mind that the pictures have an element of education to it (hence, the map fabric on Yuara's wall!). So, while still being entertaining, kids also can learn something from it as a bonus.

3.    Adjust the closet. Since Y’s room is not really big, I couldn’t bring in a large closet for his clothes. Instead I bought a cheap metal shelf and made curtains to go around it to open and close when I please. Now, the top part holds clothes while the lower shelves hold storage boxes.

4.    Storage, storage, and storage. Of course we can use the baby storage baskets again. But if you want to, you can adapt that certain color you like to these particular storage boxes. It makes the room look even come together.

5.    Make it fun! Because the first thing we want is him or her to bear playing there for hours. That’s why I think a room should be a place for them to explore. Yuara loves this A tent I got from @ador.alby as he gets to create fun places to hang around, read a book, or even sleep in.



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