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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

our champ has just turned 3.

it was actually two days ago our baby turned to a little boy. and it was his first time celebrating at school! so the day before, we practiced blowing candles and he nailed it - but not on D day though, he was pretty surprised when my mom, mom-in-law, and me came at snack time, he lost focus. haha, oh well.. it was still reaaally nice seeing him grin ear to ear when we came :)
of course i prepared some goody bags for yuara's new classmates and teachers (he's in nursery class now, how my boy grew!) from my line. they were the blackboard-to-gos with these DIY thank you notes. you will only need sheets of black paper and a chalk to scribble, i also used the same trick for yuara's birthday cake. it was a great day... at least until we had to go and yuara immediately clung to my legs crying. oh i love you son, i really trully do. happy birthday to you!


  1. happy birthday yuara :) smooch smooch from onty cemprut :)

  2. by the way, i spotted you on tv several days ago. :)

  3. happy birthday, champ! a big three now! *kiss kiss hugs*



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