a silver and gold dessert table for NOVA.

last week was my busy week. NOVA offered me to contribute craft projects for their 25th anniversary issue, so of course i jumped at the chance. at first, they just wanted me to make various cake toppers and decorate several lanterns. but since i was in the mood for a dessert table, i proposed my concept and they agreed! they only asked me to add some sparkles, hence the color silver and gold. the preparation was crazy but let me tell you, i think it was all worth it.

i love the result so much, am planning to keep the paper wheels for kutri's 1st birthday. i want to incorporate them with the theme we've (or was it just me?) chosen for her.  


  1. I am in love with silver and gold dessert table idea. The decoration part is just fantabulous and I won’t mind using this for my daughter’s first birthday bash. I have already booked one of best Venues in NYC for this bash and was in need of theme ideas. Gratitude for this brilliant share!


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