love is what matters.

whether you celebrate valentine or not, i think it is never wrong to show your love to others - right? anyway, this year we were asked to make something for the teachers at yuara's school. instead of some regular love card, i thought it would be better if we make paper fortune cookies with love notes written by yuara (nothing long and fancy, only "I *heart* U - yuara" and "i made this" and i also wrote something like "yuara is lucky to have you" since they're fortune cookies... get it?)
i took step by step pictures to show you how easy this project was.

the parents were also asked to express our feelings to the kids. i found this ninjago valentine card via printables4mom and printed it pronto. i wanted to say something that he can relate to, so i wrote in the back "we love you more than you love ninjago" since the two of them can't be apart nowadays. yuara brought home some love arts too, but when i asked for whom they were the answer was firm, "for me of course!" :D