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Sunday, February 14, 2010

our love story.

the husband and i don't usually celebrate february 14th. sorry i mean, i don't. he always got me some gifts saying that it's only coincidence he gave them on this particular day. uhm, yea right.
well not this year, though. i knew he wasn't going to give me anything since love day is on a sunday (he always bought me flowers right after work on valentine). i thought, it's my turn now. and in return, he asked me out on a date. yippee, great chance to wear my shocking pink batik bolero bought at alun-alun indonesia. anyway, happy love day everyone :)


  1. aahhh escargot @pralinesss yummmyyyyyyy. happy valentine's day!

  2. omg. the escargots look yum. must ask you for the restaurant's address next time.

  3. MESH!!!! escargot DIMANA!!! gua mau mau mau :D....apa di java bleu??? :D hehehehehe....happy v day yah!!! ayo2 sini ke apt gua, kita crochet ria sama si chia :D

  4. @ fiona et lia: praline, kemang. yumm-ee!! ayo liaaaa aku mau, kamu kapan mo crochet-an lagi? aku mesti bawa apaaa? abis gue pindahan yaa..



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