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Saturday, February 20, 2010

it's stitching time.

eventhough nowadays people don't really use handkerchiefs anymore, i still find them interesting. even more with some cute little details - lipstick mark, mustache, and wine ring. just like the ones from avril loreti. but i bet instead of prints, you can also stitch the mustaches too. these are the free patterns by jenny hart of sublime stitching, found via prudent baby. let's get crafty fellas!


  1. hihi ... lucu yah ... btw aku masih suka pake' sapu tangan loh ... can't leave home without it ... (^.^)

  2. i prefer tissue..
    haha, i don't think it's green act, but really, even i don't have any handkerchiefs.
    but, they are cute, sis! love it..



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