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Sunday, February 7, 2010

the 'it' swimsuit.

don't you just hate finding out that the swimsuit you love isn't wearable anymore? and when i did, i was extremely grateful that i met twentyforteen. they sell these lovely retro 60's swimsuits in reasonable price. i chose the one that looked really flattering on this model posing for Her World Indonesia magazine.well, this is as far as i can go for modelling the swimsuit. and of course, it doesn't look as good on me. but you know, i had to give it a try, no? speaking of swimsuit, i want this one too by ouma found via oh joy! now, if only that husband of mine gets the hint. yes, bali would be lovely, dear.


  1. iiiii emang keren yakk, looking good meshhhh (^_^)

  2. kerennn yah.... andai bisa pake juga ..heehehehe^^

    mbak amesh walopun setengah tp ttp ok kok :) cantik!

  3. hahahahahahaha menghibur yaaa.. thanks anyway nell, pur :)

  4. Keren kok ... cocok ...
    Salam kenal ya .... :-)

  5. thanks mi, salam kenal jugaa.. sering2 main ya :)

  6. Cute swimsuit! Really like it and think you should get the stripey one too.



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