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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

congratulations and celebrations.

and here are the winners list of my garage sale giveaway.
from the first post - yellow jacket: ninnin. kebaya encim: marjorie b. pale yellow top: dedek. purple dress: martina of su loves sew. bronze belt: dita of readhermind. ethnic belt: tara amelz. velvet flats: puri of ideku handmade. gladiators sandals: angki of coffeefloat.

from the second post - black and white batik: riesta emy of itokuch.

from the third post - handmade bag: miucraft.

from the fourth post: i knew i told you it was a set but to get (almost) everyone who enters get their own prize, i changed my mind. i also include some bonuses! giant faux pearls: tealovecoffee. star brooch (and flower brooch): ina of feathering a nest. charm bracelet (and batik scarf): dela of mindcube.

dear winners, yeay congrats! please leave your e-mail here or simply e-mail me. i will wait two days for you to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, no worries i memorize your name. so next time am making another giveaway, you will be prioritized. and am already thinking of making another one - giveaway is sooo fun!


  1. hiks, ga dapet :'(
    semoga laen kali aku lebih beruntung. tapi seneng juga sih temenku si Puri dapet ^^ congrats buat yg menang yaa....
    sis Amesh ini baik sekali!

  2. yey yey yey... :)
    i'm the winner.... :)
    thanks a lot mbak amessshhhhh...
    cups :-*

  3. thanks mbak amesh! i'll email you soon.. :)

  4. Mesh, thank you so much, this is my first winning :) that lovely purple dress will be in a good hand. my email is

  5. aww... never mind, i'll wait for Lia to draft up the dress pattern. :D

  6. yeeeyy... i win!
    thank u, mbak amesh.. aku emang naksir bgt belt-nya.

    *peluk2 mbak amesh

    oya email aku

  7. ng..i've sent you an email, but idk if you've received it. please, tell me if you have.

  8. horeeeeeeeeee,,,ada namaku di atas...
    makasih banget ya mbak....

    skali lagi makasih ya mbak...

  9. Wow thank you Amesh!
    ..not to mention for the bonus ^_^
    My e-mail is

    Thanks again :)

  10. YAYYYYY!!! Makasih Mba Amessssssssshitaaaaa!!!

  11. HORAYYYY..! keberuntungan menyertaiku dan muu tentunya for your so kind-hearted on this giveaway :) hihihi..


    thank youuu amesh, muach!

  12. hurraaaayyy!!! Thank youuu sooo much mba Amesh! actually today is my birthday so this feels like getting a present! \(^o^)/ yayy!!

    my email:

  13. @dela: udah sayang, kukirim today ya..

  14. asiiiikkkk...makasih meessshhh!!! mwahmwahmwah!semoga dibalas berlipat-lipat ganda dari Yang Di Atas hehehe

  15. Yaaay!! U r too kind! Thank youu!!



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