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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's all coming together now.

two more days to move into our new house. so it's only natural that all of the curtains i ordered have been installed by now. am sorry to have forgotten to take pictures of two other rooms, tomorrow i promise!
since am low on budget, i chose the plain cotton ones and mix-matched them (some with my mother's handed down fabrics). i really love the outcome - eventhough it means our incomes had to go all out. literally. but you know, no pain no gain, right?


  1. seru..seru.. mau pindah rumah, suasana baru!

  2. welcoming home mbak amesh.. congratz! :)
    ditunggu foto2nya yg lain yaa..

  3. same here! nggak sabar liat yg lain! we all have faith in ur brilliant ideas and taste hihi

  4. i love the baby blue curtain and the one with blue flowers



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