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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

paying it forward.

remember the giveaway that karina palle and i threw? anyway, one of the winners, fiona leow of tablecalender, sent me back a thank you gift. isn't she just too sweet?
and the owl zip purse is not all. she's also passing on the kreativ blogger award to me, along with six others. yeay! okay so am gonna cheat, am skipping the part about seven interesting things about myself and jumping to the more interesting part: choosing seven other blogs that i want to give this award to. and they are... lia's space, sibebo, ideku handmade, design by vitarlenology, tara amelz, cocomomo, and our artful life - indonesian creative blogs. have a look :)


  1. mbak amesh... ada namaku?? apa benerrrrr???? ^^
    senengggg bgttt.... thanks a lottt :)

  2. lucu bangeeeeetttt!!!

    *ketika seorang cewek bilang suatu barang "lucu" artinya "I WANT THAT!!!" :p

  3. merci merci :) I am so honored :)

  4. hey, i just tune in here and saw this post. i'm happy the owl purse has a new home and owner. ;)



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