garage sale giveaway.

yep, you read that right. am having one since we're moving next week and i don't think i can fit all of my belongings into our small-ish house. oh well, some things have got to go anyway. so here's how it goes: pick one or two items that you like, leave a comment, and become a follower. as simple as that.

from top to bottom: vintage handed down yellow jacket (size M), vintage kebaya encim bought at pasar beringharjo jogja - never been worn (size S), pale yellow top with dusty pink flowers made in india - worn once (size L), vintage purple knee length kimono dress bought at pasar senen (size M), bronze belt and green orange belt (all size), maroon velvet flats from zara (size 38), gladiator sandals from nine west - worn once (size 37). please note that they are not new but all in mint condition. i will ship anywhere in indonesia. the giveaway will be closed on february 23rd. oh i do hope they'd have a good home :)


  1. oh boy! they're all so tempting. too bad we're not wearing the same size. :(

  2. aaah i am the first to post, thanks Amesh. I want the kebaya and the purple dress. I promise to give them a cozy home. if i win, you can ship it to my home in jakarta. thanks

  3. wow mbak amesh yakin mau mencari rumah baru untuk "mereka" ?^^
    rumahku masih cukup ruang untuk menampung...hihihi :)
    aku sukaaa bgt sm flat shoes... jd aku memilih maroon velvet flats from zara (size 38)..
    *hope the shoes likes me too...
    thanks mbak amesh :)

  4. wiih yakin? LOL. semua menarik. aku pilih sandalnya! cihuy! thank you ameshhh :-*

  5. mba amesh..can i have your etnic belt? pretty please?

  6. aku juga jatuh cinta sama yellow jacketnyaaa...kalo ngga ada yang mau lagi buat akuuu boleh? heheheheheh

  7. hm...hard to choose....i'll pick kebaya encim then...

  8. aaaaa I love the yellow jacket and the purple dress... I guess they can be combined at the same time? :D

    I'm a silent reader and follower of your blog, and loving your creations!
    I posted this giveaway here:

  9. mao yg iniiii.........!! -->vintage handed down yellow jacket
    saya .... uh, saya nggak tau mo ngomong apa dan ngerayu kaya gimana biar kamu iba dan akhirnya .... apa ya... duh ngomong apa neh... pokoknya kasih ke saya deehh, huhuhuuu.... ~^o^~

  10. me want kebaya me want kebaya me want kebayaaaa.... kok yulin belom ke sini??? i told her to get the india tunicccc :D:p

  11. mbak amesh aku suka blognya!
    udah aku follow, aku jg pasang linknya di blogku.
    soalnya suka baca2 di sini..^^

    vintage purple knee length kimono dress dan bronze belt nya bagus. maaauuuu.. :P

  12. tempting!!! drooling!
    i love gladiator and flat shoes. love,. love, love! i am addicted with shoes actually, and i wear same size. i promise to keep them well, and provide comfort house for it, and my shoes will be glad to accept new pretty friends in their house.

    and, it's so kind of you, giving such beautiful giveaway. :)

  13. wow,,,,
    seriusan ini mbak?????
    mau juga dunk...
    boleh kan????
    mbak baek banget deh...

    klo aku kepengen flat shoes ma kebaya encim nya deh...
    tapi ntar kebaya nya muat nggak ya????

  14. horeee...gak ada yang mau the 'pale yellow top with dusty pink flowers made in india'...can I can I can I? *drooling*

  15. mesh I totally love ur finds :) hehehehe but I don't think I could fit into any :p but I dooo looove that purple dress...maybe I could copy that :D and I LOOOOOVE that yellow jacket :D

  16. okay, i'm in love with the purple dress. & it's a hot fave!!

  17. Barang-barang bermotif tradisional India selalu menggoda.. warnanya itu loh belel-belel gimana gitu dan suka ada kejutannya dengan warna-warna mencolok diantara yang belel.. aku suka baju indianya modelnya juga keren.. jadi punya ide untuk bikin cap motif2 india buat di cap ke kain-kain polos.. bikin motif sendiri gitu..

  18. waaaahh, so tempting mbak amesh. kalo aku mau jaket yang kuning, musti rebutan ama tara dulu yak?? hihihi

  19. amesh i want the flat shoe.....

  20. yay!! SO excited!!
    I want the yellow jackeet, kak ameesh....
    ppretty pleaseee...

    *crossing fingers..

  21. mesyeee...akhirnya aku bisa post comment :D
    anyway,klo jaket kuning mu butuh tempat aku siap mengadopsi,aku sudah menemukan pasangan hidup buat dia hehehe
    sendal gladiator mu pun..
    knapa aku harus dipilih?karena aku ur number one fans!!hehehe
    aku slalu liat blog mu,tiap hariii hehe

  22. i just got here,,and missed all the party T_T

  23. @fe7ey: no worries dear, am having another one next month on my 30th bday wohooooo!


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