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Thursday, December 31, 2015

DIY Descendants Vest

If you are a Descendants fan, then this DIY should fit you perfect! A few months back, I hosted a DIY workshop for a party. And we were making this pretty cool Descendants vest! Here are the steps...

What you need: A large piece of felt to make the vest. Felt in other colors, accessories, glue, scissors.

How to make:
1.    Fold the left and right side of your large piece of felt so that the ends meet in the middle. Make sure the size is right in height and length so that the vest fits perfect for you.
2.    Cut the upper right and left side into a quarter-shaped circle making holes for your arm to go through.
3.    Cut the neck part (front and back) to shape a V-neck. How low you want your V to be is totally up to you.
4.    The fun part: decorate with felt and accessories at the shoulder, chest, and pocket part of your vest addressing a shape and form of every character.
5.    Glue them on and you are done!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Two Events of Yellow and White

These two colors have been the star at the banana and frangipani party I decorated for last month. Don’t you love how I captured them in watercolor, and then printed on some tea towel? It turned out quite pretty if I must say so myself!
The images I designed and painted then became the decoration for both parties, enlarged and stuck on the dessert table and to balloons to add cute little detail.

Hana’s Banana Party

 Ava’s Frangipani Brunch



Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Inside Out Cushions DIY Workshop

The movie was a hit and so were these Inside Out character cushions!

For Clea’s 7th party activity last October, we made Inside Out no-sew cushions. Felt and glue is all you need - an easy and quick way to use the limited time at a party. You simply trace the character’s pattern given on to your piece of felt, adjusting the hair, eyes, and accessories with different colors of felt. Cut, glue and stick! 

The Sadness and Joy characters made their way to the kids that joined the holiday workshop presented by Nenen and Perpus SKTR9 this December.

This time, the characters were stitched on to the cushions. Not at all a fuss for this talented bunch! They also added names and initials to the pillows making it more personal.

After Joy and Sadness came the Anger and Disgust workshop at @nenenbabyshop's holiday workshop. Here are the pics!


Christmas Settings

It certainly is the season to be jolly… especially when you get to decorate and do table settings like the ones I did. Oh, what a merry December!

The trees for Mentari International School Bintaro

This golden tree was made from dried mango leaves and gold spray paint. It was especially made for the Christmas performance at school.

This book tree is formed from used books that were donated for a good cause.

Mothercare’s Christmas Kids Table Setting


The christmas table I decorated for Mothercare was dominated in red, white and gold. Kids were invited to the christmas party and they were served with good food and great cupcakes decorating workshop by juliette kitchen owned by my good friend, Sari.

Cookies by delicakes
Pancakes by lil chumchum
Chocolate pies by fabpie
Cakepops by pino cakes

Christmas Brunch Table Setting for ELC

This table set for the media was packed in red, white, gold, a splash of green and yummy delicacies (just look at that toy shaped cake!).

Apple pies by fabpie
Cinnamon Rolls by parton bakery

White Christmas at Head Office Hero Group Bintaro

It was all snow and snowflakes at this office! Two of the trees were made out of paper doily which was hard work but so worth it. I love how it all looks together and lit up!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Safari Celebration

This particular party is listed to be one of my favorites! Brainstorming for Safari ideas, so many things popped up in my head and all so doable, but I kept my layout simple but spot-on decorating with DIY tropical leaves, tents from @ador.alby, and a DIY bonfire.

I was thrilled with the result, and so were the clients. Salman, the birthday boy, might not remember this at his age right now, but I definitely will…my entire life, perhaps!

DIY 4D Bonfire
As easy as it looks… it really is that easy. Here’s how I made the four dimension bonfire.

What you need
: A sheet of red and yellow plastic cardboard, brown plastic cardboard, double tape, and cutter.

How to make:
1.    Cut the red plastic cardboard into the shape of the outer flame you desire. Trace and make another. You will need two outer flames.
2.    Cut the yellow plastic cardboard into an inner flame. Its shape doesn’t need to be identic to the outer one, but just smaller in size. You will need four inner flames to stick on both sides of the outer flame.
3.    Stick the inner flames to the outer flames on both sides.
4.    Using a cutter, cut through the center of one of the flames from bottom to center making sure to cut in a straight line. Dan untuk yang satu lagi sebaliknya, dari atas ke bawah.
5.    Slip the first flame over the second one forming a cross sign, enabling it to sit on its own.
6.    Cut out four pieces of long shaped rectangles from the brown plastic cardboard and fold vertically into three parts so you can fold them into a long triangle shape. Secure the ends with tape.
7.    Use these triangle logs to decorate the fire and keep it in place.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ice Cream Party

How do you cool down a really hot afternoon? With an ice cream party, of course! And that’s exactly what my client and I did for Kara’s ice cream themed birthday bash. Look at how it turned out and tell me, who won’t scream for ice cream?

The dessert table was designed to display ‘everything ice cream’ on that cool ice cream cart. Loved it! The cake was super adorable and the backdrop is something to love, don’t you think?
 The ice cream cart
Kara, the birthday girl, posing with her ice cream treats
 The ice cream pinata

Here is a DIY on how I made those cute honeycomb ice cream decors!

What you need: tissue paper in different colors, scissors, cutter, glue stick, cardboard.

How to make:

1.    First decide how big you want your honeycomb to be. Then, prepare 24 layers of tissue paper that can accommodate the size of your honeycomb.
2.    Work on a flat surface and place your first sheet down. Mark five vertical lines equally apart from one another and glue vertically each virtual line from top to bottom, then stick your second sheet.
3.    Now for the second sheet, mark four lines in between those five lines and glue lines down then attach the next sheet on top.
4.    Repeat this layering rhythm in turns until all your sheets are complete. When you are used to this, you will no longer need to mark lines down every sheet and can automatically glue down the invisible lines.
5.    Done gluing? Now draw a semi-circle on the sheet and cut around.
6.    Paste glue on one entire side and slowly open the comb and attach to the other side until secured to make a full circle.
7.    If you want to replicate mine and stick them to the wall, you will only need to open the comb until half a circle and stick this onto a piece of cardboard to secure the shape making it easier to stick on the wall. Easy as pie, right?

NOTE: The more lines you make, the more compressed the honeycomb becomes. You can also mix the colors of tissue paper for one honeycomb creating a multicolored honeycomb.


Monday, November 16, 2015

My Champ turned 7

How on earth did that happen? So they say time flies when you’re having fun… I guess that’s true. Now, what happens when your oldest wants to throws a party? The answer is, do what he wants and make the best of it (especially in Yuara’s case, he’s such a detailed client!). So that’s exactly what we did to accommodate his love to Lego.

First of all, what couldn’t be more spot-on than throwing the party at Bricks for Kids at Bintaro @b4kbintaro Yuara loved the idea and it made the decorating so much put together already. It just fits in perfectly with the dessert table and the goodies on top all made by @alinaratih. I mean, look how cute that cake is!

After the pinata - made by moi - action, the kids got to do their activities building with bricks, made lego merry-go-round workshop, played a few games, and lastly feast on this oh-so-cute Lego tumpeng. The goodie bags I came up with were also a huge hit…and they are also open for order, of course! Just e-mail me with Lego Lunch Bag subject ;)

A great birthday it was and I am so glad that my champ loved every bit of it. Again, happy birthday, champ! Eventhough you already are the best for us, never stop trying to be better and better each and every day. We love you, kid!



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