DIY Descendants Vest

If you are a Descendants fan, then this DIY should fit you perfect! A few months back, I hosted a DIY workshop for a party. And we were making this pretty cool Descendants vest! Here are the steps...

What you need: A large piece of felt to make the vest. Felt in other colors, accessories, glue, scissors.

How to make:
1.    Fold the left and right side of your large piece of felt so that the ends meet in the middle. Make sure the size is right in height and length so that the vest fits perfect for you.
2.    Cut the upper right and left side into a quarter-shaped circle making holes for your arm to go through.
3.    Cut the neck part (front and back) to shape a V-neck. How low you want your V to be is totally up to you.
4.    The fun part: decorate with felt and accessories at the shoulder, chest, and pocket part of your vest addressing a shape and form of every character.
5.    Glue them on and you are done!


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